We are committed to bring you:

Certainty, easiness, and coherence in tangible results.

To fully understand your needs and goals before acting. Meet our metodology.

Leading with positive and precise solutions. Meet our Team.

Build strong, long-lasting relationships based on fluid communication. Let's generate synergy.

BREAK’s Philosophy

At Break we create innovative solutions through a team of experts to enhance your Intellectual Capital.

Be the leading referent in developing and capitalizing innovation of ( _ _ _ _ ).

Our core values guide us to excel and are evident to our team and clients.

Value people based on respect, diversity, and empathy to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and focus on developing and supporting each other in a positive and authentic way.
Achieve the level of quality that each client expects, focusing on understanding their needs, priorities, and expectations in each project and ensuring that they are met in each phase.
Be pioneers in new strategies; breaking the traditional schemes in our field to remain at the forefront and keep exploring new paths that benefit our clients and enrich our practice.
Build trust through actions and results, we strive to comply with each one of them and see them reflected in close relationships with our clients, collaborators, suppliers, and allies.
How we deal with challenges has a direct impact on our results, which is why at Break we seek to focus on the final objective and take resolving actions with proactivity, positivity, and optimism.
Actively demonstrated by going from planning to action, starting with our own personal and professional ideals and making them tangible in the work that we are passionate about; feeling pleased and satisfied to overcome the challenges.
At Break, we believe that synergies are created by acting with respect, empathy, flexibility, and sensitivity while addressing conflict, improving our qualities, and achieving better results.